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Beginning Band/Orchestra Instrument Rental Information

We've been doing the B&O rental thing for over 30 years and feel that we've developed a program that meets the needs of parents, students, and educators alike. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns - we value your business!

All of our violins, violas, and cellos, along with a limited number of wind instruments (not percussion) are available for LEASE ONLY to local (LPS) students – not lease to own - at only $20 incl. tax per month ($36/month for saxes and cellos). These are all in excellent condition and have been completely checked and cleaned. We allow up to 9 months of the monthly lease payments to be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument, so money is not lost if the student continues playing and you decide to purchase a new instrument. This provides the student with a quality, name-brand instrument at the lowest possible monthly price.

We also offer a lease-purchase plan for all beginning band instruments to all schools in our service area that lets you choose the monthly payment that suits your budget. All payments are applied to the plan of your choice. If necessary, the instrument may be returned, canceling the agreement. You may choose from 4 different lengths of contracts, each having it’s own benefits.

long-term (usually 36 months) plan --- lowest monthly payment
medium-term (usually 24 months) --- lower finance charge
12 month term --- NO finance charge
3 month term --- 10% discount AND no finance charge

Typical monthly lease payments for the various instruments (subject to availability) are:

long-term medium-term 12 month 3 month
Flute $22-39 $30-52 $52-91 $153-267
Clarinet $22-43 $30-58 $52-101 $153-296
Alto Sax $36-83 $48-111 $84-194 $245-569
Trumpet or
$27-46 $36-58 $63-100 $184-294
Percussion n/a
$25-45 $25-61 $71-178

The lower figures represent Rental Return Instruments - they've been rented for a short period and are available at a discounted price. These are all thoroughly cleaned and checked for excellent playability. These instruments usually go first and are limited to stock on hand.

You may take advantage of a generous cash discount if you wish to pay for the instrument in full. All of the above plans have an initial down payment equal to the amount of the monthly payment. Also available is Maintenance & Replacement coverage for a small additional monthly amount, usually $5-6. This option is for protection over and above the warranty, and covers accidental damage and loss due to fire or theft.

We hope this information is helpful and we look forward to serving you.

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