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Charlee Juarez

Teacher's Bio

Charlee teaches violin, viola, and cello. She graduated from Lawton Eisenhower High School in 2020. Currently, she is attending Cameron University, majoring in strings performance. She has been surrounded by music her whole life, being born into a family of musicians. She started guitar lessons at the age of 4 and piano lessons at the age of 6. It was when she was in the 5th grade that she met the love of her life, the violin. She has played in orchestra ever since, most recently in the Lawton Optimist Youth Orchestra (LOYO) and the Cameron/Lawton Civic Orchestra. She has found great satisfaction in her current position teaching music. She looks forward to exploring many adventures in the world of music!


Some Testimonials

Christine Boothe | Parent

My son has been taking guitar lessons with David Wilson since we moved to the Lawton area approximately five years ago.  He had taken lessons before, so he wasn’t a beginner.  I appreciated that David took some time to see what my son already knew and identify some bad habits that needed to be corrected.  David can be critical about my son’s guitar playing which is one of the many things I appreciate the most. I am paying money to have him learn guitar, not to be inflated with false bravado and wasting our time and money.  Throughout the years, not only has my son’s guitar playing improved dramatically, but he has formed a close relationship with David as a teacher/mentor/friend.  David did not insist that my son learn guitar in a rigid format and make him conform to a particular curriculum, but he discovered my son’s strengths and interests and has supported him in exploring many aspects of music.  I am thrilled at the musician my son has become under the direction of David. Worth every cent.

Michelle Pickett | Parent

I have five kids ranging from 9 to 17. Each one of them take lessons at Phillips. Reasonable price, the perfect weekly amount of work to accomplish, and much enjoyment for each one of my kids. The variety of lessons they provide allows all my children to participate and is very convenient. Lessons at Phillips have been a great experience for my family.

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